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 Idea for this blog

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Marxist Llama
Honorary Member
Honorary Member
Marxist Llama

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Idea for this blog Empty
PostIdea for this blog

Since this blog here has kinda died out, I thought I'd bring it back but do something different.

What I'm planning on doing is, every Monday, I will post a review on two cars. Not just any two cars, but two cars from 1940 (Ford Coupe) to 1980 (Esprit Turbo). Both cars will come from separate continents; for example, Japan and Europe. Each car will be reviewed completely stock and have its time kept on a leaderboard so it may be compared to every other 1980 and pre-1980 car. Since there's almost ~100 1980 and pre-1980 cars, this should be finished in almost a year, or I get totally bored and can't be arsed, or I start doing like 20 cars a week.

Anyways, this Monday the first two classics that shall be reviewed are the melodious Alfa Sprint GTA, and the Chevelle SS.

Lap times will be done on a shorter track, possibly Tsukuba or Iberian
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Idea for this blog :: Comments

Re: Idea for this blog
Post on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:40 am by Retpetty
looking forward to reading this Smile
Marxist Llama
Re: Idea for this blog
Post on Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:53 pm by Marxist Llama
Ret, I'll be sure to have a "Ret Special" one week, since two of your favourite cars qualify.
Re: Idea for this blog
Post  by Sponsored content

Idea for this blog

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