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 Funny F1 Quotes

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PostFunny F1 Quotes

-"Driving in Monte Carlo is like riding a bike in your house"
(Nélson Piquet)

-"Driving in Monaco is like ****ting through the eye of a needle"(very funny,but the author of this for me is unknown)

-"F1 won't change me" (Jenson Button, just weeks before dumping his girlfriend of five years and buying a Ferrari)

-"He's just a total bloody idiot. Always was, always will be"
(Derek Warwick on Rene Arnoux)

- "Anyone who doesn't speak English isn't worth speaking to" Bernie Ecclestone (how does Bernie speak with Peter Sauber then?&#33

-"Clark came through at the end of the first lap of the race so far ahead that we in the pits were convinced that the rest of the field must have been wiped out in an accident" (An onlooker describing Jim Clark's incredible first lap speed at the 1967 Belgian GP at Spa)

- "Drivers are just interchangeable light bulbs - you plug them in and they do the job" (Teddy Mayer,McLaren).

-"I think I've proved that, in equal cars, if I want someone to stay behind me... well, I think he stays behind..." (Gilles Villeneuve)

-"Break a leg" (Grid Girl at 1999 British GP offering some 'advice' to Michael Schumacer pre-race. A few hours later Michael was in a hospital and his leg was in plaster, following an early race shunt...Probably the biggest irony in F1 in the recent years&#33

-"Christ - I used to complain that this thing was underpowered, I must have been mad" (Chris Amon after driving a 1970's F1 car up the hill at Goodwood)

-"Are you here to race or to crash?" (Chico Landi addressing drivers safety concerns in Brazil in the 1980's)

-"Racing drivers have balls, unfortunantly, none of them are crystal" (David Coulthard).

-"The litte Mexican bastard tries to kill me!" (Jo Siffert on Pedro Rodriguez)

-"The passport changes but the blood doesn't" (Mario Andretti on the lure to drive at Ferrari)

-"I knew I'd been beaten by the best driver in the world" (Rene Arnoux on his epic last lap battle with Gilles Villeneuve at Dijon 1979)

-"Finishing second means you are the first person to lose" (Gilles Villeneuve...I think I recognise this sentence... )

-"I want to stay in F1 but things have to get better for me to have a chance. No disrespect, but I won't go to Minardi" (Johnny Herbert...How can we blame him?&#33

-"Why did I take up racing? I was too lazy to work and too chicken to steal" (Kyle Petty, NASCAR driver)

-"I already tried that. Something heavy metal like. And sunglasses. But it didn't work I went to the gas station and when I left the guy at the counter said 'Bye Mr Schumacher' (Michael Schumacher on trying not be recognised)

-"It's know...basically s*it happens" (Juan Pablo Montoya)

-"Winning is like a drug...I can't settle for second or third in no circumstances whatsoever" (Ayrton Senna)

-"It would be a personal victory for me to convince Ayrton that there are more things in life rather than just racing" (Alain Prost)

-"If I have a serious crash,I rather lose my life in it than be stuck in a wheelchair...I have such an intense life and I feel myself like a hole..." (Ayrton Senna)

-"With Senna,I learned how things should be done...With Mansell I learned how things mustn't be done" (Mika Hakkinen,1995)

"Aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines." (Enzo Ferrari)

"Spa is a good race I would have enjoyed to be in myself. Pure skill. I would like to be racing now. It is the safest and best paid time to be racing . If I lived in America I could sue my mother for having me too early- for the loss of income!"
(Nikki Lauda at the end of '97 season)

"He(Aryton Senna) would be driving a car which on paper, was a second a lap slower than the opposition. And you knew at that moment, that you could not beat the opposition .Ninety nine percent of the drivers would accept this and say: 'well next week we will have a new engine and we will be there.' "For Aryton of course , it was'nt like that at all He would think I have to be quickest, and he would do it. He was'nt dreaming. He just did it." (Gerhard Berger on Aryton Senna)

"The difference between the rivalry between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and mine with Michael is that I was never held in esteem by Michael,'' (Damon Hill on M Schumacher)
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Funny F1 Quotes

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