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 Car Knowledge

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PostCar Knowledge

In this day and age, most people do not know a lot about cars. There are different levels of knowledge, and different ways to obtain that knowledge. In this article, find out how to learn about cars and the best ways to learn about them.I base car knowledge on 5 different levels:

Level 1: No knowledge whatsoever. This person does not know even how to do basic car maintenance, change a tire, or jump a car. This person may have not been taught or learned much about cars, or is very wealthy and does not need to know, he/she pays someone who does.

What to do: You need to be careful when you are at a low level. Learning to do things the wrong way can develop bad habits, develop car problems, and can be dangerous. For starting out, learn to change a tire or fix a flat. Obviously be careful near a lift-jack, it can fall, and you will become a pancake. Maybe learn how to jump a car. To learn about jumpstarting a car, check out this TCF article:

Level 2: Some knowledge. This person knows something about cars, like how to fix a flat, change a tire, jump a car. This is basic knowledge needed to take care of your car in an emergency situation. This is what most people know about cars. Knowledge also may include be able to identify well-known car manufacturers and models.

What to do: You know somewhat about cars. You are better off than Level 1, but you still have a bit of a way to go. I recommend learning how to change some important parts of your car, like the oil and air filter. Those are very simple and easy ways to learn the in and outs of your car.

Level 3: Car Buff. Most car enthusiasts are this level. This level includes Level 1 and 2 knowledge, plus some hands-on work with your car. Maybe it might include changing your oil, changing your spark plugs, fixing a leakage, etc.. However, this also means that you may not know some important (but not necessary) car knowledge. This knowledge may be anywhere from repairing your car with store-bought parts, fixing or fabricating new parts, or being able to diagnose car problems from the 5 senses.

What to do: If you want to learn about car problems and how to fix them, befriend your local mechanic. Often times, they will tell you what to expect from a certain problem, like smell or sound. Also, every person is different, so you want to see if you can find any problems with your car. Also, maybe purchase some automotive books on repair.

Level 4: Auto-mechanic. This is above your typical car buff, usually someone who works at a shop. This person has extensive knowledge about the car he/she is working on, knows how to diagnose a problem using the 5 senses or electronic equipment, and has extensive automotive terminology knowledge.

What to do: Most people do not need to learn more once at this point. If you wanted to go to Level 5, then that would become car-specific or manufacturer-specific mechanic.

Level 5: Car God. If you are at this level, congrats! Very few make it here, welcome! This level is for people who know their car in and out, and can perform pretty much any task or repair on the car. This is usually a dealer-specific mechanic, especially manufacturer-specific, who actually designs parts of the car.

What to do: Sit back and relax with a grease rag in one hand and a beer in the other, you earned it!
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Car Knowledge

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