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 Fuel Economy and Car Care

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PostFuel Economy and Car Care

Tips for better fuel economy:

Windows vs. A/C
- Common question: On a hot day, should I roll down my windows or put on my A/C? Most will say put down your windows, as the A/C takes gas to work. However, when you open your windows, you lose more gas due to drag added to the car. Convertibles also have this problem. So, keep up the windows and blast the A/C.

Roof Racks
- For those with bike racks or other racks on top of their car, when not using them, take them off. This adds a lot of drag and weight, which is not needed.

Manual vs. Automatic
- Does a manual tranny equal better fuel economy than an automatic? Yes, but only if you know how to drive with a stick properly. Automatics tend to shift in a lower rpm range, thereby not using the full powerband. Manuals can also be put into neutral, when coasting down hills. However, only one auto-manual tranny will yield better mpg than a normal manual or auto. The PDK tranny, which is made by Porsche, is a much better choice.

Gas vs. Diesel
- With all of these clean diesel cars coming out, and along with the hybrids, what is right for me? Well, gas cars are usually the worst. With the new Clean Diesel, especially TDI by Volkswagen and Audi, it is a huge step forward. Mercedes also has clean diesel, but you need a special additive to scrub the exhaust, which costs a lot. Volkswagen has a great selection of TDI, along with Audi.

Hybrid vs. Standard
- Are hybrids really better? Well, yes. With the Prius, the hybrid system was really refined. Now, Toyota only has to worry about brakes. Ford also has started hybrid lines, along with other companies. Porsche is also considering their own take on hybrids.

- When you have snow on your car, it increase drag and weight. Although it can be annoying and cumbersome, clean off your car. It is better for your car.

Extras in your car
- Are you carrying tools or anything you dont need in your car? Get rid of it. More weight, less mpg.

Tire Pressure
- In the winter, your tire PSI will be lower than normal. The exact opposite happens in the summer. In the winter, it helps to inflate your tires 5 PSI more than what you want it to be. 5 PSI lower in the summer. It helps keep an even balance.

- Always make sure to check your oil in your engine. A lubed engine is a happy engine.

- Make sure to clean out your air filters or replace them.
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Fuel Economy and Car Care :: Comments

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Fuel Economy and Car Care

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